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TESTIMONIALS - (Formerly known as DrD)

Brentwood's Co. Co. County Wine Company - Co.Co. County Wine Company has had the recent privilege of being entertained by the amazing Dr. "D" Band. Wow, what a talented group of peeps. They play all the best tunes from all the best bands. Want to hear some cool stuff that no one else plays? Hire this group for your establishment. Becky Bloomfield Owner (925) 783-0050 ."

Dales Diner (Facebook) - "Well last Night Rays had a taste of real Music Lead Singer has a voice not heard for sometime in this Venue.Harmonies perfect...Guitarist Bass and Drums excellent...Covers were not A typical... Dale's Diner salutes them...Killer"

Robin Summers Mitchell (Facebook) - "The dr D Band played at my 62nd Birthday Party here at Nu-Rays on March 14th, they have a website and a free Mp3 Song sampler there. Deborah's voice is awesome along with the Multi-Talented Bands Background in Rock, R & B, Blues...they work the crowd with great Energy and are respectful, LGBTQQ friendly and make a great band for almost Any Event...personalizing by adding announcements and humor to the Show...I am definable Fan....Thank You all."

Liz Benson (Facebook) - "YAY, guys sound great...soooo, when's the Big Island gig?"

Michael Jesse - DrD has a great sound. We visited the band and people kept coming in and nobody left. Lots of classical rock and music that made me smile and remember the good times. If you like good ole' rock music with a beat you'll enjoy an evening listening and dancing to drD.

Pamela Matthews (Facebook) - "You guys rocked Saturday night!! I was there, so I can attest. Looking forward to next time! Oh, and remember to get your La Grange on."

Dale Clark (Facebook) - "You and your Band earned it Rikk Casavecchia was just going to come down to see you for a Minute...The music made me stay ,-) that doesn't happen often I'm spoiled...Thank you"

Kevin Kroner (Facebook) - "Last night I had a chance to hear the upcoming dr D demo coming out soon. This is one KICK-ASS group - Great vocals, virtuoso guitar, tight rhythm section and and really inspired cover arrangements of tunes you'll remember but don't get overplayed. They are so good I recommend you go see them before you have to start shelling out big bucks for the type of venues they'll soon be playing!"

Cathrine Lucca (Facebook) - "Hubby and I spent some time tonight listening to a friend play in "The dr D Band". Dan Hertlein it was really good to see you again. The music was fun, and as always, you look great. Loved hearing you sing and play one of your many drum sets! Hubby and I will come out and see you again soon and stay much longer. We need to get our dancing shoes on."

Dora Lopes (Satisifed Customer) - "I have been wanting to tell you that our friends really loved your band. One our friends likes to listen to local bands and he said you were the best he has heard in a long time.You guys really were fantastic.  All of you are so very talented. Thanks again."


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